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It happens. After staying a few months, a few weeks or up to a year, some of our guests ask to see one of the other cottages. Maybe their needs have changed? Or they just fancy a tiny change of scenery? After all, 3 of the cottages are in the same street in the same village. As luck would have it, there was 1 available house and so Guests A moved to Cottage B, while Guests C moved to Cottage A.

So Cottage C, aka La Maison de Constance is now up for grabs! Just in time to come an enjoy the glorious Auvergne autumn, the first snow, the morning light on the hills opposite the house with frost making everything both hazy and glistening. Oh, and Noel in the countryside, bien sur.


We are in the news! Reflets d’Allier, to be precise

Wehe! Our restoration and cottage business, as well as our Antiquites-Brocante shop, ABC-Cheval Blanc, were in the local newspaper yesterday!

For those of you who don’t read French, the article is all about the Vieux Carre, the old quarter of Chantelle which we are slowly but surely bringing back to its former glory.

Un Vieux Carre ouvert au Monde

Un Vieux Carre ouvert au Monde


Auvergne in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 for this year!


Finally, the rest of the world seems to be opening their eyes to the breathtaking beauty and all-round gorgeousness of our very own Auvergne region.

The world famous Lonely Planet guide has even included it in its ‘Best in Travel 2016’

In their own words “The Auvergne arouses a most delicious kind of vertigo. Its glacier-carved valleys and volcanic peaks are more reminiscent of Iceland than the heart of France, but somehow it has long been overlooked for being too peaceably rural. But that’s all changing, as French travellers weary of tourist-clogged rivieras seek escape here. The Auvergne has responded by reinventing itself with ambitious art projects and a portfolio of wilderness adventures, without ever losing its small-town charisma.”

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Constance & Gabriel are available!

The cottages, not the grand-kids*.

La Maison de Constance & La Maison de Gabriel have both just become available after several year long tenancies. So here is your chance to see this sunset every evening, over a cool glass of local St Pourcain white wine and some Pompe aux Grattons from the butcher’s across the road.


* 2 of our cottages are named after our much-cherished grand-children, and as is fitting their naming ceremonies were celebrated in the houses that bear their name.

Welcome back

Welcome to the reborn website for AuvergneCottage!

Last summer our website was hacked not once but twice in 3 months. The key issue was the way we presented our pictures on the site and since then, we have worked tireless on getting the whole site refreshed for you. There is still a few things that need to be updated, but we hope that you will enjoy the new format.


Kind regards,

Henrik & Silva Olesen

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