The village of Bellenaves

Bellenaves_church_1 Bellenaves_church_2


We have two cottages in Bellenaves: La Maison de la Tante and La Maison de Dame Lapin. Please click on the link beneath the photos to see the details about the cottages.


Cottages_Tante2 Cottages_Lapin
Tante_button_D Lapin_button_D


Bellenaves is mostly famous for its Château and its 12th century church.
Every Wednesday morning, the local market is held in Bellenaves, and people flock here from all the other villages for their weekly fresh fish, organic vegetables and delicious cheeses. For market days in other villages / towns, information will be provided on location.

There are 2 bakeries in the village, so the morning croissants and pains au chocolat are just a short walk away.

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